Finding a therapist can be an intimidating and time consuming process. Poorly structured directories with terms and qualifications you've never heard of, with 100 reasons why they are the perfect therapist for you... We know that finding the right help should be fast, easy, intuitive and a task as simple as brushing your teeth, all we need is a bit of clarity. We know because we've been there.

Our aim is to transform how resources are accessed, assessed, delivered and priced. We believe that we can help bring mental health care into the 21st Century, and carry that forward with those young people that use buddy for the rest of their lives. Welcome buddy, your route to securing mental health support and treatment with the worlds most intuitive search console is on its way.

Finding the right therapist doesn’t have to be left to chance. Everyone deserves the opportunity to find “a buddy” capable of helping them with their troubles. In matching people with relevant therapists, and translating all the information clearly (in human terms!), we want to make sure no one drops off the map when they make the brave decision to seek support.

We understand that making that first important step to reach out is hard, but the rest doesn't have to be.

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